‘The Flash’ Spin-Off Teased At The End Of ‘Arrow’ But All I Can See Is His Chin


Now that audiences are on board with Oliver Queen as a poor man's Batman, it's time to up the ante. Sure billionaires with beautiful toys and a Robin Hood complex count when it comes to superheroes but they're easier for general audiences to swallow than a guy with legit superhuman speed. After all, it's still (barely) more believable that a rich guy would use his power for good than a lab accident would spawn superpowers instead of class action lawsuits. But bets are off the table with Barry Allen/The Flash getting his own spin-off. You can catch your first glimpse of him in action at the end of this 'Arrow' season finale promo.

The CW also put out the official image and logo for 'The Flash.' Barry Allen's mug features prominently as he appears to be caught on camera mid-dash. It's a solid piece of promotional art. The lightning arcs in his eyes are particularly nice touch though it begs the question when we as humans decided lightning equals speed?

Photo Credit: The CW

But all I can see is this.

Photo Credit: Nickelodeon

Yes admittedly The Crimson Chin from 'The Fairly Oddparents' is a parody of The Flash but when the new costume is this obvious, the Chin's exaggerated outfit goes from satire to sincere.

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