‘Game of Thrones’ Season 4 Trailer Needed More Brienne Of Tarth

The new trailer for ‘Game of Thrones’ teased out new characters (which fans of the book can gasp and panic over) and old grudges. But there was something missing. Something fierce and proud and not taking shit from anyone. Brienne of Tarth didn’t rail against the ingrained patriarchy of Westeros to not even get a cameo during the nearly two minute teaser, HBO!

But no worries, oversights happen. Tumblr user Rose Papillon was kind enough to create GIFS showing how 1000% more Brienne makes every scene even better. For example:

#1: Standing up to danger with Arya, because Brienne is basically who Arya wants to be when she grows up. She just doesn’t know it yet.

#2: Supporting her man. If you don’t ship Jaimie/Brienne then you might be a soulless monster. No offense.

#3: Commiserating with Asha Yara. All these idiot men, just bumbling around and starting never-ending wars they won’t let us fight, am I right ladies?

#4: Giving Theon some serious side-eye. What the actual hell are you doing, man? Making life choices by throwing darts at options on the wall?

#5: And of course, eclipsing Cersei as Queen of Jaimie’s heart. Move bitch, get out the way.


Need more Brienne? See the whole GIF sets here and here!