‘The Killing’ adds three for fourth and final season

(CBR) Against all odds, “The Killing” is coming back from the grave for a second time, with a fourth and final season planned to debut on Netflix. Series leads Mireille Enos and Joel Kinnaman are back to reprise their roles as detectives Sarah Linden and Stephen Holder, and they”ll be joined by at least three newcomers, as revealed this week.

Lost veteran Sterling Beaumon, “The 100” actor Levi Meaden, and Tyler Ross of Amazon”s failed “Zombieland” pilot have all landed roles on the final season of “The Killing”. They”ll be at the heart of the final season”s central mystery, set in and around an all-boys military academy on the outskirts of Seattle.

Beaumon will play Lincoln Knopf, an angry and troubled youth with targeted hatred toward women. Meaden will play A.J. Fielding, a leader and overachiever at the academy. Lastly, Ross will play Cameron Stansbury, a gentle soul and a black sheep in his well-to-do family.

Six episodes are planned for the final season of “The Killing”. There”s no word yet on when the series will debut on Netflix.

[Source: THR]