TMR: Christopher Nolan’s doing ‘Charlie Brown’ and Christopher Lee’s a knight

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Welcome to The Morning Read.

Had a nice night out with my compadres from HitFix last night, after we all saw “Public Enemies.”  We talked a little ComicCon, and I realized that’s right around the corner, but between now and then, there’s a ton of work to do.  As the sun comes up on the West Coast, what’s going on out there on the Web worth looking at before I start pushing my own particular boulder up the hill?

Have you noticed that Brian Lynch appears to have finally cracked?  I mean, this is the guy who created Angry Naked Pat and Monkey Man, so he’s never had the firmest of grips on normalcy, but now, he’s gone.  Either that, or Christopher Nolan has.  You be the judge.  Who do we blame for the reality-warping atrocity that is “Pre-nuts”?

Here’s one last link I bookmarked while I was on break, about “Seven Director’s Cuts You Didn’t Realise You Wanted,” and although it’s from June 3rd, I think it’s a good read.  I reeeeeeally want to see the alternate cut of Soderbergh’s “Kafka” that is discussed, for example.

You know my rant this morning about how a Paramount/Sony merger would be a really bad thing for the business?  One of the commenters on my Facebook left a link in response that’s worth a read.  I like John Rogers and his perspective on the business side of things, and he seems to see the same sort of future I think is coming.

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Roger Friedman is delusional.  If he believes he was fired over Scientology, then he (A) is deeply out of touch with reality and (B) doesn’t read the work of any other reporters, because the chain of events that led to his firing by Fox News seems to have been crystal clear to everyone except Roger Friedman.  NOTE TO ROGER FRIEDMAN:  You were fired for downloading your own studio’s movie, writing about it, and reviewing the unfinished film.  You were fired for advocating the ease and the quality of downloading.  If this lawsuit gets any traction, I’m going to be flabbergasted.

Fantastic post on Boing Boing today linking to a new Wiki-like project called The Atlas Obscura, and you should read the introductory piece yourself.  It’s one of those sites where you will eventually be able to lose hours looking around.

RT @johncoulthart Happy Bloomsday everyone.

It’s like in “Knocked Up,” when the guys are trying to start their website and somehow they’ve never heard of Mr. Skin.  You think someone should tell the founders of Movie Intelligence about the existence of Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic?  Also… how is it that this Movie Intelligence doesn’t include a single onilne critic in what it does?

Because we share a birthday, I frequently heard mention of John Wayne when I was a kid.  And for a time, I hated that, and I hated him just because of the overlap.  That’s silly, of course, and once I really got into film, I started watching Wayne’s movies, trying to understand his particular stardom.  Roger Ebert just wrote a piece that sums up this oddest of American icons, John Wayne.

When are all the loonies finally going to stop suing Jo Rowling for “Harry Potter”?

Sir Christopher Lee.  That’s just so incredibly cool to say, isn’t it?

The enormously informative Reid Rosefelt (seriously… bookmark him) blogged yesterday about Coppola’s “The Rain People,” and aside from unearthing one of the coolest one-sheets I’ve never seen before, he also does a nice job of evoking both the early promise of Zoetrope and the reasons it didn’t work at that point.

And finally, do you think this would ever fly in the US?  I sort of love the idea of Toho being so serious about guarding the ending of their final film in the “20th Century Boys” series that they’re not showing the last ten minutes of the movie to critics.  I want to see those films, and I hope they manage to open the movie without having it spoiled.  That would great.  Here’s my question for you today… would you appreciate a studio going that far to try to protect your experience, or is that just silly?

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