‘The Shield’s’ Vic Mackey is set for a comeback — on Funny or Die

“The Shield’s” Vic Mackey is set for a comeback — on Funny or Die
“Guess who’s coming to @funnyordie next month?” Michael Chiklis tweeted on Friday, along with an image of himself dressed as his famous “Shield” character.

Gunfire rings out near “House of Lies” set
Don Cheadle, Kristen Bell and T.I. were filming a scene in South Central L.A. when shots rang out. But as Kristen Bell tweeted, they’re okay.

“Survivor: China” winner Todd Herzog undergoes an intervention on “Dr. Phil”
On Monday’s show, Dr. Phil declares the alcoholic Herzog to be “closer to death” than any guest he’s ever had on his show.

“Doctor Who” will stage a live 50th anniversary special afterparty with One Direction
So UK “X Factor” sensations will be part of “The Day of the Doctor” anniversary special. PLUS: See the history of “Doctor Who” depicted on tapestry, and David Tennant & Billie Piper voted the greatest Doctor and companion of all time.

Stephen Colbert gets his fans to raise more money than China for Philippines relief
Colbert last night challenged his fans to raise more than the $100,000 China donated for Typhoon Haiyan relief efforts, and his fans came through.

Which Lady Gaga will host “SNL”?
Will it be the Awkward Gaga, Hammy Gaga, Deadpan Gaga, Goofy Gaga or Earnest Gaga? PLUS: “SNL” cast members who’ve played other “SNL” cast members.

Why Jimmy Fallon will beat Jimmy Kimmel: He’s much nicer
When the two Jimmys face-off, expect viewers to side with the nicer host.

Dan Rather fears he’ll be “airbrushed” out of other historical anniversaries on CBS

Archival footage of Rather in Dallas in 1963 will be used in a “48 Hours” special on the JFK assassination, but Rather is nevertheless worried since he wasn’t invited to be part of the 50th anniversary retrospective. PLUS: Rather will serve up JFK memories on AXS-TV and on ESPN.

Carol Burnett gets some “Fresh Air”
Listen to the comedy legend talk about her career on NPR.

Patton Oswalt urges comedians not to go on “Last Comic Standing”
“To Catch a Predator,” he says, “is a better career boost” than the NBC reality show.

FX orders “Jen,” starring “Chelsea Lately’s” Jen Kirkman
Chelsea Handler will produce Kirkman’s comedy about a newly divorced 30-something woman.

Drew Carey explains why “The Drew Carey Show” isn’t on Netflix
From his Reddit Ask Me Anything: “It’s all the music rights and all that stuff. They don’t think they will make their money back by releasing the series on Netflix so they just don’t.”

Why is no one watching “Dracula”?
In our “American Horror Story” age, it should be noted what “Dracula” is doing with the horror genre.

Listen to a preview of “My Favorite Things” from the live “Sound of Music”

NBC has released a clip of Carrie Underwood and Audra McDonald singing.

Meet “Boardwalk Empire’s” breakout star of Season 4
Margot Bingham’s Daughter Maitland has become this season’s hit character.

Melissa McCarthy quit standup due to hecklers

Hecklers shouting “show us your t*ts!”

Oprah catches up with Carrot Top on Sunday
The comic resurfaces on “Oprah: Where Are They Now?” PLUS: Oprah meets One Direction.

Elisabeth Moss gives birth to a Homer on “The Simpsons” — with the help of Homer
Moss previews her cameo on Sunday’s episode.

Watch Showtime’s Season 4 trailer for “Shameless”
The Gallaghers have issues.

Ana Gasteyer looks back at her career
From “SNL” to “Suburgatory.”

“Parenthood” star Miles Heizer has a song out on YouTube

The two-minute tune is called “????.”

“American Chopper” found inspiration from “I Love Lucy”
Producer Craig Piligian copied “Lucy’s” formula of simple family storylines for each episode.

Inside “Alpha House”
The Amazon show, which is available today for download, has sets that are eerily similar to their real-life U.S. Capital counterparts.

Watch late-night talk show hosts on other late-night talk shows

From Conan on Letterman to Letterman on Jon Stewart.

William Hurt finds out what really went wrong in “The Challenger Disaster”
The two-hour film, based on a true story, airs Saturday on Science Channel and Discovery Channel.

“Almost Human”: You’ve seen it all before
“You’ve seen every bit of this elsewhere,” Matt Zoller Seitz says of the J.J. Abrams buddy cop robot drama. “It’s Dystopia 101 with a minor in Ridley Scott Studies. But if you’re going to steal, you might as well steal from the best, and do it with feeling, as ‘Almost Human’ does. The show is derivative but passionate, verging on corny.” PLUS: The cast is bland, except for Michael Ealy and Lily Taylor, the action scenes are terrific, Ealy needs to be the focus if “Almost Human” were to succeed, how The Crystal Method got involved, Fox is promoting the show with fake newscasts, and J.J. Abrams answers burning questions.