‘The Simpsons’ Season 26 premiere couch gag is a delightful acid trip gone wrong

Last night “The Simpsons” returned for their twenty-sixth(!) season. After binging on all things Springfield for weeks on FXX, fans tuned in to see the original dysfunctional animated family finally meet their spiritual successors from “Family Guy.” But the craziest moment happened before the credits were even over.

Somehow Homer gets ahold of a time device and things run amok quickly. Eagle-eyed fans of cult animation surely recognized Don Hertzfeldt's signature style is all over this extended LSD nightmare.

In case you missed the early aughts' heyday of Hertzfeldt's work, he was an Internet sensation for his surreal “Rejected” series. In the years since, this Oscar-nominated  short has become a cult classic in the vein of “Rocky Horror.”