A ‘The Suicide Squad’ Cast Member Has Confirmed His Return While Other Casting Rumors Swirl

Warner Bros.

The Suicide Squad continues churning its total-reboot vibe with a lot of secrecy on how James Gunn will shake up the franchise. From the sound of things, he’s been drafting, redrafting, and fine-tuning like mad as actors flit in and out of the project. We do know that Margot Robbie will be back as Harley Quinn, Jared Leto will not be back as The Joker (at least not for now), and John Cena might be involved, we’ll see. Viola Campbell’s returning as Amanda Waller in some capacity, and Idris Elba replaced Will Smith as Deadshot before being shifted to a mystery role with Deadshot out.

One lingering question has been answered by a cast member’s confirmation, and more rumors are swirling, so let’s get to it. Joel Kinnaman, who dodged questions on The Suicide Squad while promoting Amazon’s Hanna series, finally confirmed his return as Colonel Rick Flag. Kinnaman didn’t go into detail on whether he’ll be leading the new squad but made a low-key announcement on Instagram while “[e]asing into that squad preppppp” at a gun range.

Meanwhile, Benico del Toro recently received a shoutout in a Forbes comic-book movie roundup, which reports that he’s in talks to play the main villain, who’s now being referred to as The General (aka The Mayor), for Gunn’s film. The General betrayed the team in the comics and had to be (apparently) taken out by Rick Flag, but all was not what it seems. Mysterious!

In addition, no one seems to know for sure which role Idris Elba will play, but rumors suggest that he’ll embody the Bronze Tiger, a professional assassin who kept his real identity secret and eventually interfaced with Flag and the squad in the comics. Hopefully, we might find out whether Idris will truly pick up this character, at some point before The Suicide Squad arrives on August 6, 2021.