‘The Vampire Diaries’ recap: Can Damon and Elena just be friends?

As many times as Elena tries to convince Damon (and us) that they're bad for one another, I still can't say I'm convinced. In this week's episode of “The Vampire Diaries,” our tortured couple gets to play the bad parents at Jeremy's parent-teacher conference, which Elena takes far more seriously than seems entirely necessary. Jeremy, to his credit, defends his cheating, fighting and failing by pointing out he can't exactly raise his hand and tell the teacher, “Sorry I missed class today; we were under a doppleganger invasion.”  Maybe not, but that's way better than the dog ate my homework, isn't it?

While these brief real world interruptions add a layer of dark humor to the show, I do want to pull Elena aside and suggest that she might want to encourage Jeremy to pursue a career path more attuned to his vampire hunting skill set, like teaching martial arts or professional thumb wrestling. As Damon points out, the biggest obstacle to Jeremy living a normal life is just his life,  period, what with all the witches and vampires and ghosts, oh my. 

To wit, Liv decides to adopt him to the witches' side, which he seems fine with — even after Liv tries to kill Elena. I'm not entirely sure why Jeremy seems to think Liv is worth defending, but after this episode, I'm thinking siding with anyone against the travelers is probably a good idea. When Markos' followers have to turn themselves into human campfires to bring him back, I'm pretty sure he's not going to be the nicest of guys. 

Unfortunately, our vampires may be too nice to go up against Markos — especially Caroline and Stefan. Caroline and Stefan are so nice (HOW NICE ARE THEY?) they cuddle to go to sleep. Not after sex, not before sex, oh no. Nope, they're just good friends who like to cuddle. Granted, no sex was going to be happening at the traveler's encampment (and it's a good thing, too, as I'm pretty sure watching people go up in flames would be kind of a romantic buzzkill). But I'm not sure any sex will be happening ever, and I'm okay with that. Though part of me is rooting for another “TVD” cute couple, the idea that these two are just the best of friends is oddly refreshing. 

I had thought that Caroline might have a moment with Enzo (he does have the sexy British accent, as he pointed out), but I guess his heart belongs to Maggie, whoever she is. While Caroline doesn't trust Enzo (and probably shouldn't), he's hard not to like, even as he jokes about needing a “new murder buddy.” Who doesn't? While he did kill Tom Avery (RIP), he had his reasons. I suspect we'll learn he's been good all along, just as Maggie reminded him. 

I can't say I'm as enamored of Liv, but it was nice to see Matt, Tyler and Jeremy have a little project to work on together. I would have suggested rehabbing a junker car or taking rock climbing lessons, but if this witch adventure deepens their bromance, so be it. At least Liv can be funny — when she muttered for Damon to “just kill me already” as he and Elena bickered about their break-up, it was the line of the night. But I don't think she believes they're really over, either. 

Were you sad to see Tom go? Didn't you think everyone should have been more suspicious of the travelers? Do you think Stefan and Caroline should stay friends?