‘The Walking Dead’ boss: ‘We’re trying not to be the ‘character death show’’

“The Walking Dead” boss: “We're trying not to be the 'character death show””
As Season 5 begins, showrunner Scott M. Gimple and creator Robert Kirkman want to emphasize that they don”t set out to kill characters. “We don't want to play it as like a tool in our tool chest or something that's some part of story rhythm,” says Gimple. Adds Kirkman: “No one in the writers' room is ever sitting around saying, 'We haven't killed someone in a while. We really need to kill someone.' It all comes  from story and if we ever decided that the story merited absolutely no characters deaths whatsoever in a season, we would definitely do that.”  PLUS: Expect a grisly season premiere, everything you need to know as Season 5 kicks off, the season premiere is “a dazzling adrenaline rush filled with suspense, righteous violence and, before it”s all over, genuine emotion,” and this is “The Walking Dead” at its best.

ABC: Yes, Nielsen's ratings error benefitted us
While Nielsen downplayed the error, an ABC exec confirmed to the NY Times that it had resulted in added viewers to the network.

“Guardians of the Galaxy”: Watch a preview of Disney XD”s animated series
New York Comic-Con showed a nearly one-minute clip of test footage from the upcoming series.

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A Charlotte Warehouse is holding a “Homeland” sale
Saturday”s sale will feature a ton of stuff, from chairs to desks to toilets. The props are no longer being used since the Showtime series relocated to South Africa.

Jan Hooks: An appreciation
One of Jan Hooks” comedic gifts was the ability to be genuine and fake at once, as Sarah Larson notes. She adds that Hooks and Phil Hartman “Hooks and Hartman both understood that you didn”t have to be a clown, or even the kind of ‘SNL' character who has a catchphrase or becomes a movie star, to be comedically brilliant.” PLUS: Kevin Nealon pens a tribute to Hooks.

Amy Poehler transforms into a ship captain
Check out the author photo for upcoming memoir, “Yes Please,” which states: “She hopes this book will get her invited onto her hero Judge Judy”s yacht, Triumphant Lady.”

“Shahs of Sunset” editors end their strike
Editors voted unanimously to ratify and union agreement and negotiate a deal with Ryan Seacrest Productions.

TV is seeing more and more Strong Female Characters
How have Olvia Pope and Alicia Florrick influenced the portrayal of female characters?

What”s it like to live with the name “Lena Dunham”?
Newsweek interviewed three women named Lena Dunham, one of whom is changing her name back to “Lena Smith.”

Colin Farrell has yet to talk “True Detective” with Vince Vaughn
“I”ll go to see him hopefully this week. Sit down for lunch or coffee or something,” says Farrell, who”s read half of the 2nd season”s eight scripts.

What exactly is Jake Ballard”s job on “Scandal”?
How can he afford to live in a pricey D.C. hotel?

How “The Good Wife” dresses its drug kingpin
Costume designer Dan Lawson talksa bout Lemond Bishop”s wardrobe: “We try very hard to have him look like a typical businessman with a twist, with a little extra attitude to his clothing. We just had a fitting with Mike Colter, who plays him, and we investigated double-breasted suits.”

Carlifornia State Assembly to consider renaming a rainbow tunnel after Robin Williams
A petition drive had called for the renaming of the Marin County”s Waldo Tunnel, which is north of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Bestselling author Patricia Cornwell is writing another TV show, this time for CBS
Her 2nd attempt at TV writing will focus on a “a brilliant, unorthodox detective” named Angie Steele who works for “San Diego”s Major Crimes Unit where demons from her past come back to haunt her.”

Chelsea Handler shows Letterman a photo of her breast hanging out
Responded Dave: “Why would you do that?…Why would you bring it here?” PLUS: Handler “nails” her Netflix comedy special debut.

Demons: TV”s new “It” monster?
“People said zombies are the new vampires when The Walking Dead was starting, so if we can change the narrative to 'demons are the new zombies,' that will be very exciting,” says “The Walking Dead” creator Robert Kirkman, who has a demon project in the works for Cinemax.

Check out “The 100″s” Season 2 poster
“Would you sacrifice freedom for survival?”

“South Park” was dead-on its portrayal of transgender issues
Trey and Matt have mishandled trans issues in the past.

Bob Odenkirk”s advice to young writers: “Get out of comedy, because it”s about to collapse”
“I honestly think that in particular sketch comedy is having a heyday, which of course is wonderful,” he says. “But also will end. So, what I would say to  anybody is: What is the next thing that happens after sketch comedy has its heyday?”

Sarah Michelle Gellar poses with a “Star Wars Rebel” doll of hubby Freddie Prinze Jr.
“I always knew my husband was a doll,” she tweeted.

34 things you learn on the “Sons of Anarchy” set
For instance, the makeup trailer has a “Blood Wall.”

A day in the life of Chris Hardwick
The “@ midnight” and “Talking Dead” host gets five hours of sleep a night.

Here are all the female stereotypes that “Gilmore Girls” avoided
There were never any petty catfights, no fighting over boys, no jokes about the fat female characters – “Gilmore Girls” always left the Bechdel Test “crying in the dust each and every episode.”

Everything you wanted to know about “Miami Vice”s” music
Composer Jan Hammer braks down his ’80s soundtrack.

“Dude, You're Screwed” gets 3 new dudes
The Discovery survival series returns for its 2nd season on Oct. 29.

Cristela on “Cristela” is a pleasure to watch, but the same doesn”t go for the rest of the cast
Cristela Alonzo”s comedy aims to bust stereotypes, and it seemingly does so with her portrayal as “Cristela.” But the rest of the characters are too one-note. PLUS: Alonzo is too good and likable for the material, too many plots seem recycled, and Alonzo talks about her long journey to getting her own sitcom.

“The Affair” is both quietly unsettling and impossible to look away from
“Couched in the falsely naturalistic approach of handheld cameras and seaside neutrals,” says Genevieve Valentine, “the show is quite clear how easy it is to lose yourself, and why you”ll fight so hard for anything that offers answers. If it continues as it began, 'The Affair' is poised to be truly amazing television: a breathless and enthralling story about the mutability of the past, the little cruelties of fickle memory, the larger cruelties of trying to determine truth, and the stories we tell about ourselves because we must.” PLUS: “The Affair” is “True Detective” without the pretentious grandstanding, the pilot is exceptionally well done, it is committed to complicated, life-based storytelling, it takes advantage of its smartly cast actors with their poker-faced sincerity, how “The Affair” brought Joshua Jackson back to TV, and its creator says the stakes are as high as they are on “Game of Thrones.”