Rick Grimes Has Been Rocking The Same Underwear On ‘The Walking Dead’ Since Season One

The zombie apocalypse is a terrible place where Walkers chase after you almost as relentlessly as the gangs of cannibal killers. Food is scarce, trust is even scarcer, and underwear is apparently in extremely short supply. That’s the determination we’ve made via this latest The Walking Dead easter egg, which reveals that season 8 Rick Grimes is still wearing the same boxers he had on when he awoke from his coma way back in season 1.


Don’t get too grossed out, because Rick hasn’t been wearing them for seven years. That’s just how long you’ve been watching the show. According to fans who have been tracking the timeline, we’re somewhere around day 625 of the zombie apocalypse, which means Rick and his blue undies are coming up on their two-year anniversary.

If this was Daryl we wouldn’t assume, but we’re also pretty sure Rick must have alternate pairs of skivvies back at Alexandria as well. He just never got rid of the ones he was given in the hospital. Because of loyalty? Comfort? Are they his lucky pair? If I managed to survive the first 59 days of the undead plague while asleep, I might hold onto those magical protective boxers too, and even bust them back out for dangerous missions.

You can add Rick’s hospital briefs to a growing list of clothing that has lasted longer than many characters on The Walking Dead. Maggie still wears Glenn’s baseball cap from time to time, although it’s pretty brown nowadays compared to the faded red of season 1.

Carl’s still running around with that sheriff’s hat, and who could forget Daryl’s poncho, which became almost as iconic as his angel wing vest before disappearing in Terminus (RIP poncho).

The general attitude in The Walking Dead world seems to be waste not, want not (except when it comes to ammo during All Out War). And while that’s definitely an attitude we should adopt a bit more in real life, it may be about time for this particular pair of Rick’s underwear to get retired. Yuck.