There might actually be a ‘Jem’ movie hidden in this ‘Jem & the Holograms’ trailer

After some lackluster promotional stills were released earlier this week, “Jem and the Holograms” has it”s first trailer.

Warning: There”s very little resemblance to the 80s cartoon here. If you were hoping for a bombastic glitter explosion on par with one of Kesha”s wackier music videos, you will be disappointed.

This trailer is…fine? In motion, the colors seem a tad more vibrant. The film definitely seems to be going the route of the new comic instead of the cartoon, framing Jerrica as a shy, introverted musician. The trailer shows us nothing of the Misfits. A quick trip to IMDB reveals it”s because they aren”t part of the story. Instead, the villainous role is left to Erica Raymond who will attempt to pull the group apart to make Jem a solo act. Even Jerrica”s alter-ego is apparently no longer her own creation. And Jem is definitely not a hologram.

But then, there”s a moment at the end of the trailer. When Jem touches her earring and says the famous line, “Showtime Synergy.” So is there a benevolent holographic supercomputer or not? Is there an inkling of the glitter-punk Battle-of-the-Bands tug-of-war fans know and love?

We”ll have to wait until December – or the next trailer – to find out.