This 3-minute animated refresher on the ‘Alien’ franchise is cheeky good fun

Ridley Scott's Alien prequel/Prometheus sequel Alien: Covenant is slated to hit theaters next year, and in advance of that film's release Mashable has put together a 3-minute animated refresher video to get you up to speed. The clip, which features some cheeky black-and-white animation and a pair of narrators, is the latest entry in Mashable's new Too Long; Didn't Watch series, which has also tackled X-Men, Game of Thrones, Terminator and Harry Potter, among other prolific franchises. (Note: Alien: Resurrection isn't that bad!)

Check out the clip below, where Jonesy is revealed as Switzerland in the human-vs.-xenomorph battle to the death.

[via A.V. Club]