Heartbreaking reunion photo of the “Boy Meets World” surfaces, proves that even TV characters age

My high school reunion is coming up in a year, and I don’t think I can go, because I’m not married to a prince or an astronaut. Also, the idea of making small talk with a bunch of people I could easily just stalk on Facebook from the comfort of my own home doesn’t really sound super appealing. However, if I had been invited to the “Boy Meets World” reunion that took place this weekend at the ATX Television Festival in Austin, I would have made the trip in a heartbeat.

And I would have ended up so incredibly heartbroken. It would have crushed me to see that Rider Strong is capable of growing a beard now, and Ben Savage doesn’t carry around a backpack at all times, and Danielle Fishel apparently has an entirely new face.

Speaking of Ben and Danielle — I mean, Cory and Topanga — the two recently reprised their legendary (yes, I stand by that term) roles for a Disney Channel pilot called “Girl Meets World,” which sees the pair raising a 13-year-old daughter named Riley. I bet Riley will eventually grow up, too, and will break a whole new set of hearts belonging to wide-eyed innocents who assumed TV characters all stayed young forever.

Update: Turns out that is not Topanga in the photo! It’s a totally different person. Which is why she looks like a totally different person.