This ‘Halloween’-themed marriage proposal is so perfect

I hate public proposals. Hate, hate, hate them. Unless they're “Halloween”-themed. Then I am, of course, all in.

Bride-to-be Katherine Canipe is a woman after my own heart. I too have gone out of my way to visit a “Halloween” filming location (the “babysitting houses” located just north of the Sunset strip on Orange Grove Ave.) in an attempt to transport myself to the autumnal world of Haddonfield, Illinois. It was neat! But no one popped out of the bushes dressed as Michael Myers to ask for my hand in marriage. (I would have accepted.)

“I have a deep and abiding passion for horror — and while Alec enjoys a good scare from time to time, he doesn't love it as much as I do,” Katherine told CNN. “When we go to haunted houses, I'm leading the way and he's screaming and grabbing onto me for dear life. …It was one of the purest moments of my life — I had no control of what I was saying or how I was reacting because I was so overcome with emotion.”

I love this. I love Katherine, I love her thoughtful boyfriend Alec Wells, I love “Halloween,” I love that Katherine and her friends know the Haddonfield cheer by heart, and I love love. This is the sweetest.