This ‘Star Wars Rogue One’ Villain Doesn’t Want to Admit He’s a Villain

While it's technically correct that we don't yet know the true alliance of actor Ben Mendelsohn in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, he's wearing an Imperial uniform and frankly, I wouldn't walk down a dark hallway with him. But unlike his co-star Mads Mikkelsen, Mendelsohn is at least trying to keep a secret.

We're pretty sure Mendelsohn plays Director Krennic, an Imperial Military Director, in Rogue One (though others have submitted some interesting theories of who he else he might really be). And he rocks a badass cape. I know, I know. Good guys wear capes too.

But on a recent trip to Jimmy Kimmel Live, the Bloodline actor was excited to talk about his entry into the Star Wars universe but wasn't eager to share details of the film or his role.

When asked how long he had to keep just his involvement a secret, the Australian actor said: “It felt like forever.” Kimmel also asked, “Do you use the Force in the movie?” Mendelsohn was only able to make incomprehensible noises. Kimmel then tried to get him to reveal whether he was a hero or a villain and once again, he kept his lips shut. Thankfully we don't have much longer to wait to find out for sure. What's your bet?