This week in Superhero Movies: Vin Diesel meets Marvel, ‘Justice League’ news

Another week full of superhero news and rumors has come to an end, but it’s really just the beginning. With “Man of Steel” still punching up the box office, DC Comics fans want to know what’s next, even if it means waiting a few more years to get it. Meanwhile, Marvel met with a “Fast and Furious” star, “Iron Man 3” is getting ready to give your home theater a workout, and “Amazing Spider-Man 2” is in the can. All this and…Captain Planet? 

“Justice League”
Hoping to see Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman on the big screen together soon? “Man of Steel” star Henry Cavill says you need to be patient. This might take a while. 

Vin Diesel
The man is is basically already a superhero has had a mysterious meeting with Marvel about an upcoming project. Just what are they planning?  Meanwhile, Marvel has staked out a May 2016 release date for something. “Dr. Strange”? “Hulk”? “Daredevil”? Only the Shadow knows. 

“Iron Man 3”
Tony Stark’s latest adventure is flying home to DVD and Blu-ray this fall. Turn it up. 

“The Avengers”
The Saturn Awards honor the best in sci-fi, fantasy and horror every year, and it’s no surprise that Marvel’s smash hit took home some top trophies. Interestingly, “Dark Knight Rises” was shut out. 

“Captain Planet”
Everyone’s favorite environmental superhero (no, not Greenzo) is coming to the big screen. And it might be live-action? OK, Hollywood… 

“The Amazing Spider-Man 2”
That’s a wrap. 

“Kick-Ass 2”
HitFix’s Drew McWeeny visited the sequel’s set a while ago and brought back all sorts of cool interviews and details about the film, including sit-downs with stars Aaron Johnson and Christopher Mintz-Plasse. 

“The Terminator”
It’s not really a superhero series per se, but we make the rules here. Apparently, the upcoming film is a reboot (wither Arnold?) and the first of a new trilogy. Yay?

“Ender’s Game”
Yes, we’re getting casual with the definition of “superhero,” but go with it. Harrison Ford and Asa Butterfield are bringing the Orson Scott Card adaptation to Comic-Con. Let’s hope the movie brings it as well. 

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