Tina Fey relives her ‘Admission’ process and says goodbye to ’30 Rock’

Tina Fey’s newest romantic comedy finds the actress playing a Princeton college admissions officer, not that she ever went to the Ivy League school to study as an undergraduate.  

Sitting down with HitFix, Fey said that while her alumni interview at the venerable institution wasn’t a “horror” story, from the outset she knew that it wasn’t going to go well. As she describes her thought process while she shook the interviewer’s hand, “Nope. I can tell. I can tell from the moment we’re meeting that you’re not into me.”
As for the process of working on the film itself, Fey says that being able to come onto a movie like this and to be able to focus on one aspect like acting alone rather than having to act as well as write and/or direct is like a “Christmas present.” 
The interview also features Fey offering us the correct pronunciation of the word “improverzation” and telling us whether or not there truly is a secret to getting into college. Plus, we certainly wouldn’t let the interview end without asking at least one “30 Rock” question. 
“Admission” is directed by Paul Weitz and also features Paul Rudd, Lily Tomlin, Michael Sheen, Wallace Shawn, and Gloria Reuben. 
The movie is being accepted into theaters on March 22nd.