TNT is close to ordering a DC Comics Teen Titans pilot featuring Nightwing

TNT is close to ordering a DC Comics Teen Titans pilot featuring Nightwing
In the “Titans” pilot, Dick Grayson “emerges from the shadow of Batman to become Nightwing, the leader of a fearless band of new Super Heroes including Starfire, Raven and many others.”

Chelsea Handler”s Netflix show: Not celebrity-oriented, 3 shows per week, No Chuy, and not always a talk show
“I just want to do fish-out-of-water stuff,” says Handler, who wants to dive with sharks, visit the NBA Draft and do snake immersion cognitive behavioral therapy. What she doesn”t want to do is another talk show. But she”s still trying to figure out when the episodes will be released – three times a week or three episodes every Monday.

A&E's canceled “Longmire” had bigger ratings than “Mad Men” and “Justified,” but its fans were too old
As the Wall Street Journal notes, it was the wrong show for the wrong network, despite its 5.6 million viewers. It had a median age of 60 on a network whose median age as a whole is 48.

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“Orange is the New Black” hires a new corrections officer
Actress Marsha Stephanie Black is joining the cast for Season 3.

Check out Paul Reubens on “Portlandia”
Here”s the “Pee-wee Herman” star with a goth Fred Armisen.

World Series is scheduling around NFL”s “Monday Night Football” and “Thursday Night Football”
Major League Baseball is avoiding the NFL”s ratings juggernaut after going up against “Sunday Night Football,” “Monday Night Football” and a cable version of “Thursday Night Football” last year.

NBC buys “Parenthood” producer”s “Two Couples, One Mortgage” pitch
Jason Katims” “The Walk-Up” is about two 30-somethign couples, including one with a baby, who decide to live in a house together, as described in the The Atlantic's July article “Two Couples, One Mortgage.”

Ellen pays tribute to Robin Williams and Joan Rivers
The two deaths, she said, “broke my heart.”

“The View” hit with an ageism lawsuit
A former producer, age 63, claims she was abused and downgraded to a shabby office simply because she”s old.

ABC”s 1960s “The Beatles” cartoon surfaces on YouTube
The Fab Five”s animated series ran on ABC from 1965 to 1969.

“Sleepy Hollow” unveils its Season 2 pics
Featuring Jenny, Ichabod and Abbie.

CBS sending an “NCIS:LA” character to “Scorpion”
Linda Hunt”s Hetty will visit the freshman drama around Halloween.

“Bojack Horseman” has had the funniest portrayal of depression
“And not that clichéd, fake-ass TV depression of just laying on the couch for an afternoon,” says Margaret Lyons. “The real, life-altering, is-this-who-I-am kind. This is so rarely articulated or portrayed on TV in any way; somehow a cartoon horse dude is teaching us about ourselves, you guys.”

Ellen Pompeo on “Scandal”s” Kerry Washington: “Thank god for Kerry”
At a gathering of Shonda Rhimes” three leading ladies, the “Grey's Anatomy” star said: “Thank god for Kerry because Kerry was so instrumental in making ‘Scandal' what it is… It was really Kerry”s whole political side that she pushed that through and she made people watch and she made people pay attention and she was like, ‘Everyone is going to see this show.””

On “Couples Therapy,” “The Bachelor” Juan Pablo refers to his girlfriend as his “daughter”
“I have two daughters,” he jokes, comparing Nikkie Ferrell to a 15-year-old.

Lena Dunham tackles the Proust Questionnaire
Which words or phrases do you most overuse? “I”m sorry, but . . . “

Here”s Carol Kane as The Penguin”s mom on “Penguin”
Gertrude Kapelput is described as “a proud and faded beauty; an old European character with delusions of grandeur.”

Why it”s so important to have “Gilmore Girls” on Netflix
The underappreciated 2000-2007 WB/CW series launched so many careers, from Lauren Graham to Melissa McCarthy to Jared Padelecki and Adam Brody. It was also a great example of auteur TV. PLUS: 10 episodes that will get you hooked, and 9 future stars who guested on “Gilmore Girls” – plus Jon Hamm!

“One Life to Live” vet David Fumero joins Starz”s “Power”
He”ll play the “handsome new Chief of the Crime Division.”

Did Franka Potente know fellow German actress Diane Kruger before they were on “The Bridge” together?
“We knew of each other, but we”d never met before or worked together,” she says.

Can Thursday nights save network TV?
Here are all the ways each network is using to gain traction on Thursday nights, including ABC”s Shonda Rhimes strategy.

“Boardwalk Empire” meets “Fresh Air”
Terrence Winter talks to Terry Gross about spending a month watching gangster films with Martin Scorsese in preparation for their HBO series.

“The Mindy Project” releases an Instagram promo
Only five days to go.

“Boy Meets World”s” Danielle Fishel has no problem with being called “Topanga”
“It”s easy to remember,” she says with a laugh. “That”s part of the reason why it”s never surprised me or bothered me that somebody doesn”t know my real name. What”s easier to remember, Danielle Fishel or Topanga? Topanga sticks with you.”

Take a look at “Ray Donovan” star Steven Bauer, age 57, with his 18-year-old girlfriend
Bauer has a 28-year-old son with his ex-wife, Melanie Griffith.

Watch the promo for “Sports Jeopardy!”
Dan Patrick is combing his hair for the Crackle spinoff.

Meet the “Sons of Anarchy” actor who set the final season in motion
Tim Park joined the FX series having completed a non-speaking role on “True Blood.” PLUS: “Perception”s” Arjay Smith joins “SOA.”

Benedict Cumberbatch has a giggle fit in a “Sherlock” blooper reel
Watch a blooper from the Season 3 DVD.

“Anger Management”s” Noureen DeWulf is pregnant
DeWulf is expecting her first child with NHL player Ryan Miller.