‘Twin Peaks’ Production Diary: The Double R Diner is back in business

I have to be honest: I'm a little disappointed that the “Twin Peaks” revival is now widely expected to premiere in 2017, which would make it 26 years since the show ended. That is NOT what Laura Palmer promised.

WARNING: If you are very, very sensitive to MINOR spoilers, proceed with caution.

But you never know, 2016 could still be in the cards. The Showtime followup series is about to begin shooting, and new images posted over at fan site Twin Peaks Archive show what appears to be the “construction” of the famed Double R (“RR”) Diner in North Bend, Washington, one of the Pacific Northwest towns that stood in for Twin Peaks in the original series.

“The most exciting thing I witnessed as I rode into town was the work that was being done on the sign right in front of 'Twede's' AKA The RR Diner,” writes TWA's Jerry Horne (assuming that is not his/her birth name). “A worker was removing all of the neon and the newer Twede's sign (revealing an older one). Some newer light bulbs seemed to have been installed. As I was inside drinking some coffee, it was quite apparent to me that five or six crew members were having breakfast right next to me. I overheard someone say 'RR Sign,' so yes it's only a matter of time before it goes up completely.”

I am breathless. Breathless. Here are some images of the alleged renovation (none of which has been confirmed, mind):

And across the street from the diner? Fan site Welcome to Twin Peaks has posted photos of a storefront bearing the name “Run Silent, Run Drapes” — a seeming reference to Nadine Hurley's (Wendy Robie) obsession with crafting silent drape runners in the original series:

Has Nadine realized her dream? Will we get more of Wendy Robie's delightful insanity in “Twin Peaks 2016/17”? God willing.

The last piece of evidence that North Bend is poised for a tourism boom comes courtesy of original “Twin Peaks” cast member Madchen Amick (a.k.a. Shelly Johnson), who posted the following image on Twitter Monday:


Anybody up for a slice of cherry pie? I'm feeling hungry.