Universal’s ‘The Loft’ with James Marsden and Karl Urban gets August 2014 release date

Universal Pictures announced today that they will be releasing “The Loft” on August 29, 2014. The film, a psychological thriller directed by Erik Van Looy, stars Karl Urban and James Marsden. It is a remake of a 2008 film of the same name also directed by Van Looy.
The movie finds five married men opting to share a loft so that they have a space where they can do things upon which their wives, and perhaps many other members of society, would frown. The cast for the update also includes Wentworth Miller, Rhona Mitra, Rachael Taylor, and Eric Stonestreet.  Matthias Schoenaerts, who appeared in the 2008 movie, is in the new version as well.
The official synopsis for the film reads as follows:

Karl Urban (“Star Trek Into Darkness”) and James Marsden  (“2 Guns”) star in the tense psychological thriller “The Loft,” the story of five married guys who conspire to secretly share a penthouse loft in the city–a place where they can carry out hidden affairs and indulge in their deepest fantasies. But the fantasy becomes a nightmare when they discover the dead body of an unknown woman in the loft, and they realize one of the group must be involved. Paranoia seizes them as everyone begins to suspect one another. Friendships are tested, loyalties are questioned and marriages crumble as the group is consumed by fear, suspicion and murder in this relentless thriller.   

As of this moment, “The Loft” is the only major release listed for August 29, 2014. The 29th is the Friday heading into Labor Day Weekend.