VH1 to pit twins against each other on a ‘Twinning’ reality show

VH1 to pit twins against each other on a “Twinning” reality show
Twelve sets of twins will go through a series of challenges that will test their twin connection.

HBO developing Isaac Asimov”s “Foundation” for TV
Jonathan Nolan, who frequently collaborates with his brother Christopher Nolan, is working on a TV series based on Asimov”s “Foundation” series. He”s already working on “Westworld” for HBO.

Bill Cosby”s Meme generator backfires
“Go ahead. Meme me!” tweeted Cosby”s official Twitter account. That resulted in numerous memes created to comment on the rape allegations against Cosby.

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The “Community” cast reports back to work for their Yahoo episode
Here”s what remains of the former NBC comedy for Season 6.

President Obama to award the Presidential Medal of Freedom to Tom Brokaw and Marlo Thomas
The former “NBC Nightly News” host and the Emmy-winning “That Girl” star are among 19 honorees this year, including Stevie Wonder, Stephen Sondheim and Meryl Streep.

“The Voice” singer arrested for DUI
Delvin Choice, who made the Top 8 last year, was released early this morning after paying $1,229.50 in bail.