A ‘Walking Dead’ Star Explains Her Bizarre Junkyard Nude Scene

The Walking Dead viewers have seen a lot of things over the show’s first 100 episodes: thousands of stabbings and shootings, obese zombies stuck in wells, cannibalism, and most graphically of all, Carl going to town on a tub of pudding. But until the most recent episode, “The King, the Widow, and Rick,” there’s one thing they’ve never experienced: a nearly-naked woman making wire artwork in a junkyard. Game of Thrones has the ratings, but The Walking Dead has… that.

It was a bizarre opening to an episode, but it made sense to Pollyanna McIntosh, the actress who plays Scavengers leader and nude artiste Jadis. “My feeling on it is that Jadis is a pretty open minded person, and she’s created this world for them to live in,” she explained. “And part of it is being the human animals that we are and feeling comfortable and being a big family and it’s not about necessarily a sexual thing, it’s just whilst the apocalypse is a terrible time, there’s also the opportunity to really live the way that you choose to live. And there’s a freedom in that, and I think that’s what that scene expresses.”

As for Jadis’ decision to toss Rick into a storage container, McIntosh said that had to do with her always having “something up her sleeve.” She continued, “She’s always up to something, so I think part of the fun of her is the mystery. Is she madly attracted to this man, or does she just like figuring him out through playing some games with him? You know? I think going visually and going on his spirit, I don’t see why she wouldn’t rather fancy him. I mean, we all love the show and watch the show, and Andy [Lincoln] is an attractive guy, especially in that character. Rick is a powerful and capable leader, so yeah, she could do a lot worse, couldn’t she?” Jadis could: her previous lover was Winslow.

(Via Comic Book)