Watch a brutal Pierce Brosnan moment in this deleted scene from ‘No Escape’

Gritty and tense thriller “No Escape” boasts plenty of horrifying action, but it could have had even more if its filmmakers hadn”t cut out a scene of Pierce Brosnan”s character totally losing it. Now you can watch that brutal scene exclusively on HitFix.

Directed by John Erick Dowdle (a participant in HitFix”s Ultimate Horror Poll who helmed scary movies “Devil” and “Quarantine”), this past summer”s “No Escape” depicts an American family in their new overseas home, who find themselves caught in the middle of a coup. They must frantically search for a safe escape as rebels attack the city.

On the flight to their new home (an unnamed Asian country) Owen Wilson”s and Lake Bell”s characters meet Brosnan”s Hammond. They end up running into him during the attacks as they”re trying to protect their family.

In the fight for survival, in this deleted scene, Hammond appears to be far gone as he pummels a man to death.

Of his character in this moment, Brosnan told HitFix, “This is a man who”s been out in the hinterland of life far too long. He”s burnt out. He”s addled with guilt and grief and anger and a disrupted life. He just loses it. He hates himself and hates the world and yet finds himself in the company of this family [where] maybe he can do something right.”

Brosnan also said, “I think they were right in keeping [this scene] out of the movie.” But here”s your chance to see it now, ahead of tomorrow”s DVD/Blu-ray release of “No Escape.” (The film is currently available on digital platforms.)

Also, for Brosnan”s tale about the writing and making of another intense, very spoilery moment of his in the film, read on past the video.


Now, about Brosnan”s guns literally blazing/get run over by a truck death scene: He shot that while his own family was on set, and here”s how they reacted: “My wife was very upset by that, couldn”t watch it. My son was completely fascinated.”

That particular way of going out wasn”t what was initially in the script, though. Brosnan demanded a more spectacular death scene.

“I did say, ‘You better give me a good death scene.” They did give me one, and I said, ‘No, that's not good enough. I”ve gotta really have a glorious exit,”” Brosnan recalled.

That original death scene? Something we”ve already seen countless times. Here”s how Brosnan described it: “Oh, I kinda jump on a grenade, and I get blown up.”