Watch: Alexa Vega skates a lot in new Aerosmith video for ‘Legendary Child’

What”s an Aerosmith video without a girl younger enough to be the members” granddaughter and lots of wind machines blowing back Steven Tyler”s hair? Nothing, that”s what.

Thankfully, Aerosmith keeps the formula safe with the new video for “Legendary Child,” the first single from its album “Music From Another Dimension.” Luckily for viewers, it also keeps the concept innovative and amusing in what looks like the first in a story line series of clips.

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Actress Alexa Vega is our heroine in distress here as a roller derby queen. She skates through the city holding a package of apparent great value, to her at least, fending off fellow derby dolls, all of whom mean her harm.

Oblivious to the outside world, perhaps because the wind machines are so loud, the members of Aerosmith perform the song on a soundstage, copping the same glorious moves since time began.

The video opens as if it”s a movie trailer with a voice over humorously defining all the travails the band has overcome in its more than four decades of making music, as it introduces the clip as the story of Aerosmith ”done on roller skates.” It”s a funny premise that the video doesn”t live up to, although the clip still remains fast paced and amusing. The song, started more than two decades ago, and freshened up for the album, tells the history of the band in much less oblique terms.

Vega makes it to the warehouse, where all of her pursuers have gathered. We won”t spoil the ending for you, in part because we don”t understand it.

“Music From Another Dimension,” originally slated to come out in September, will now be released on Nov. 6.

Aerosmith will join Taylor Swift, Rihanna, Usher, Bon Jovi, Green Day and several other acts as the iHeartRadio Music Festival in September in Las Vegas.