Watch: Amy Lee, Evanescence prowl the city streets in ‘What You Want’

“Hello Hello, it”s only me, infecting everything you love.” If that”s not a great ominous line, we don”t know is… (or maybe it should have been the theme song to the movie “Contagion.” 

Evanescence”s Amy Lee delivers it with perfection in the new video for  the hard-charging “What You Want,”  the first single from the hard rock group”s first album in five years. The self-titled “Evanescence,” the band’s third studio set, comes out Oct. 11.

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The video combines live club concert footage with a goth-dressed Lee running, roaming and jumping through New York City like a cross between “Run Lola Run” and “The Crow.”

Directed by Meiert Avis, one of music video”s all-time great directors, the lighting, photography and mood are perfection, especially the city scapes at night and the intense looks on the fans faces, as they are enraptured by Lee. It”s a big budget shoot, the kind we don”t see that much of anymore.

Lee told MTV News that she wanted the video to span the history of the band, hence the shots that recall their early days playing sweatboxes in Little Rock.