Watch as knights and noblemen sing Alan Menken in ABC’s ‘Galavant’ trailer

If the success of “Game of Thrones” has taught us anything, it's that people love tales of knights and swords and derring-do.  If the success of “Once Upon a Time” has imparted a lesson, it's that people love updated fairytales.  And, if the success of Broadway's “Aladdin” (in the form of five Tony nominations) has provided any insight into the populace, it's that Alan Menken remains terribly popular. 

What happens when you combine these three things?  You get a “musical comedy fairytale of epic proportions,” and ABC has it as a part of their midseason lineup.  It is called “Galavant,” and it features a sizable number of man clad in armor, singing.  Really.

Perhaps then it could best be equated with Monty Python.  But however you want to understand it, what we will tell you about it is this – the show is from Dan Fogelman (“Tangled”) and is about a hero named Galavant (Joshua Sasse) who is out for revenge on an evil King (Timothy Omundson) for stealing away Galavant's true love (Mallory Jensen). 

The weekly television musical hasn't always fared brilliantly in the past, but has not been entirely without success either.  Where “Galavant” will wind up on the spectrum will be determined at a later date, for now though, just watch the trailer and see if Vinnie Jones breaks out into song.

“Galavant” is slated to step into the “Once Upon a Time” slot between that show's fall finale and spring premiere.