Watch: Beyonce’s ‘Love On Top’ video lasts through the night

An obviously pre-pregnant (or pre-showing) Beyonce is in an amorous mood both night and day in the new video for “Love On Top.”  The simple clip takes place in a dance studio over the course of a day. In the morning, Bey is working on her dance moves with her back-up singers and dancers as she lip syncs (often badly) the delicious, retro soul pop tune.

Just as you”re starting to wonder if the whole video is going to be this one scene, we flash ahead to several hours, darkness has fallen and she and her dancers are dressed in very smart, shiny gold suits from the ’60s, then they go back even further, as the evening progresses to ’50s-style doo wop  suits and then toward the end, the men are in tails and top hats, straight out of a Fred Astaire movie. Beyonce, however, in a top and panties that you would never have caught Ginger Rogers in.

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There”s a cute little ending that brings it all back around. It”s a fun video that matches an equally fun light song. And, as always, Beyonce looks gorgeous.

What do you think about the “Love On Top” video?