Watch: Britney Spears goes apocalyptic in new ‘Till The World Ends’ video

Anyone who thinks Britney Spears has ended her late night surprises is sadly mistaken.  No, the pop queen isn’t hitting the clubs again, instead she’s decided to release her new video for “Till The World Ends” at 12 midnight Los Angeles time (although it’s a wonderful wake up surprise if you live in Europe…).

Directed by Ray Kay (who out-does J.J. Abrams in his love of lens flares), Spears’ “World” video has her dancing through a dirty, sexy club as the city falls apart around her.  Is there a deeper meaning?  Probably not, but Spears looks good and it certainly maxed out on the effects budget.

“World” is the second single released from Spears expected No. 1 album “Femme Fatale,” “World” peaked at No. 9 on the Billboard 100 singles chart before falling to 23 last week. Whether the new video will help the track back into the top 10 or increased radio play remains to be seen.

Watch the new video embedded in this post below.

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