Watch: Carly Rae Jepsen hits the club in new ‘This Kiss’ video

10.29.12 6 years ago

Well, they can”t all be “Call Me Maybe,” can they? Carly Rae Jepsen”s video for current single, “This Kiss,” is not going to lift the song into a pop culture phenomenon, as did the clip for “Maybe.”

Instead, Jepsen has delivered a fairly mundane video for the peppy song about wanting to kiss a boy so badly, even though you both are attached to other folks.

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Jepsen and her pseudo-“Sex In The City” buddies hit the club, but she and her knit-cap crush keep an eye on each other throughout the evening, even as she breaks into a full-on performance in the middle of the song and he photographs odd dioramas in the club.

Finally, unable to deny the seemingly-non-existent chemistry, she and her behatted one escape into their own alternate reality and jump fully clothed into an ocean that magically appears for an underwater smooch.

The clip begs the question: if a kiss happens underwater, does anyone else see it?

“This Kiss” peaked at No. 86 on The Billboard Hot 100 and is nowhere to be seen on the chart right now. Perhaps the video will help revive it, but it”s not likely. The song simply can’t compete with “Call Me Maybe” and her duet with Owl City, “Good Time,” both of which are still receiving airplay.

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