Conan O’Brien dons Ryan Gosling’s scorpion jacket from ‘Drive’

09.22.11 7 years ago 21 Comments


Maggie Lange over at Thompson on Hollywood alerts us to some late night shenanigans worth passing along today. It seems Ryan Gosling stopped by “Conan” Tuesday night to talk up his latest film, “Drive,” and he came bearing gifts — namely, a signature scorpion jacket similar to the one he wears in the film.

At this rate, with so much attention being placed on that one element of the wardrobe, I’m wondering if a Costume Designers Guild nod for contemporary design be might be in the cards later in the season. “I always wanted to make a character that people would go out for on Halloween,” Gosling tells O’Brien in the following clip. “So I’m really crossing my fingers on this one.”

Could the “Drive” jacket become the new black for all the cool kids who sported “Vote for Pedro” shirts and Borat garb for Halloween over the last few years? Just make sure you complete the get-up by sporting some sweet driving gloves and don’t be afraid to toss a little fake blood on the white satin.

Click on through to see the whole interview. It was actually a great segment. Gosling was very charming, recounting the oft-told horror story of his first meeting with director Nicolas Winding Refn (fit with REO Speedwagon soundtrack) and a humorous theory on what goes on at Disneyland when the park shuts down at night. And I love that he calls the Refn’s film “a violent John Hughes movie.”

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