Watch: Enrique Iglesias finds what he’s looking for in ‘Finally Found You’ video

The tale of a lifelong love plays out in Enrique Iglesias”s video for “Finally Found You.”

The story starts as a young Enrique plays hide and seek with his young female friend… so he can “finally find” her. Get it? Of course, you do.

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Years and a lot of nice cars pass until they see each other from across the crowded room and, let”s just say, get immediately reacquainted…intimately. They haven”t seen each other in years, since they were 10 or so,  and they instead of exchanging pleasantries about the old neighborhood, they really just go at immediately? Well, they””ve only got a few minutes before the video ends and I”m not sure there”s ever been a conceptual video of Iglesias”s where he”s not laying his love on some lovely lady, so he”s got a reputation to uphold. Plus, part of the time they”re fooling around, it”s during Sammy Adams’ completely unremarkable rap, so at least it distracts from that.

I will also give props to Iglesias in that we see way more of his skin than hers in this video and he is very, very, very pretty. There”s even a gauzy nude shot around 3:27… if you”re so inclined.

Just remember,  as  Enrique wisely tells us, “in this crazy world of choices, I”ve only got a few: either you”re coming with me or I”m coming with you.”