Watch: Four new glimpses of ‘Super 8’ crash onto your screen

05.20.11 8 years ago

Got four new looks at J.J. Abrams ‘Super 8’ in the inbox this morning. I hesitate to call them ‘clips’ because they’re obviously tv spots or highly edited pieces that share footage with each other. They’re calling them ‘sequences’ which is a new one for me. All center around the same train crash scene we can presume is at the beginning of the film and sets all the story in motion.

The film takes place in 1979 and focuses on a teenage boy who’s life is turned upside down when strange supernatural things start happening in his small town after something is released from a government transport train after a crash that may have not been an accident. (notice a certain “Hatch” shot in the “Run” clip? Looks a little familiar to me!)

Sporting lot’s of Spielbergian lighting and wide eyed kids in danger, the clips highlight that this is an admittedly nostalgic story by Abrams for the time in his childhood when he first started shooting super 8 movies.

The film stars Kyle Chandler, Elle Fanning, and Joel Courtney as Joe, the movie-lovin’ kid.

Watch the clips embedded above and below. The film crashes into theaters… the film invades theaters? The film inexplicably takes over theater screens June 10th, 2011.


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