Watch: Ice Cube talks about a third ‘Friday’ sequel

03.14.12 7 years ago

A fourth “Friday” movie is in the works, and Ice Cube already knows: “It’s funny.”

Many members of the original “Friday” cast have been invited back for this third sequel — including Chris Tucker — with finalized casting and title pending. Ice Cube told HitFix in our video interview that he’s in the middle of writing the script, and that the trick of making a sequel is to avoid “regurgitating” all the same jokes.

“Be dedicated to making a new movie with a little seasoning of what people love about the last movie. The last thing you wanna do is regurgitate that movie and make a second one with the same jokes,” he explained. “Take some of the funny parts — memorable lines — but that’s all you gonna use.”

The first “Friday” was released in 1995, co-starring Tucker; “Next Friday” came out in 2000 and “Friday After Next” arrived in 2002.

The actor and rapper is working on a solo album this summer and is busily promoting “21 Jump” street, so there’s a question of what kind of time fans are looking at for a “Friday” arrival.

Ice Cube is also reportedly in talks to put together a biopic of his former rap troupe N.W.A.

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