Watch: Jennifer Hudson’s new video ‘No One Gonna Love You’

Jennifer Hudson”s “No One Gonna Love You” is full of fake-outs. Some of them sweet, some of them a little less so.

The Diane Martel-directed video starts with Hudson wanted a little sumthin-sumthin  from her man, but he leaves their bed anyway, which would put any girl in a bad mood, you know what I”m saying? Then, to compound matters, he doesn”t remember that it”s there  anniversary.

So what”s a girl to do other than go to the local dance studio, put on her best Bob Fosse outfit and top hat, and sit in a chair backward, “Cabaret” style, and tease us with the possibility that she might actually turn into Beyonce and dance. Instead, we see her playing the piano from the back, like she”s morphed into Alicia Keys, and then she later, around the 2:10 mark, gets up out of that chair and does a few shoulder shrugs and a few simple moves later on.. Major tease with absolutely no payoff. Disappointment.

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Things are headed the same way way with her man. After getting herself ready with L”Oreal hairspray and driving herself to the restaurant in her BMW (the camera adores Hudson, but not as much as it lovingly lingers on those two logos in an egregious, none-too-subtle product placement), her man calls just as she”s about to go in. She hangs up on him without answering. How does she know he”s not calling from inside the restaurant?  Or just to say he”s going to be five minutes late?

She drives home oh so upset that her man has let her down once again because he can”t get over how badly his ex treated him. She opens the door to her guy surrounded with flowers and balloons and, in a twist we don”t get, is still mad. Huh? He obviously was faking her out and she”s a little slow on the uptake. It isn”t until the final scene, which we”ll leave as a surprise, that she finally catches on. It”s a tepid song with a tepid video to match.