Watch: Justin Bieber announces release date for ‘Believe’ on ‘The Voice’

OK, this is getting ridiculous. Justin Bieber showed up on “The Voice” tonight to show “the world premiere from a clip of my video, ‘Boyfriend”.”

For those who are counting, this is the fourth teaser from the video and we still don”t know when the full music video is premiering. That will be an announcement for another day. Drip, drip, drip.

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But, Bieber did drop some real news: his new album, “Believe,” will come out June 19.  Plus, he”ll be back on “The Voice” on May 8 to perform “Boyfriend” on the season finale.

We’ll add the footage of the video clip when it goes up on the internet (after the west coast airing, most likely), but in the meantime, we plugged in below the little chat between Bieber and host Carson Daly and a fun little exchange with mentor  Adam Levine about how the didn’t get to do their little “supergroup.”  No idea if that was for real or not.

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