Watch: Justin Bieber’s video for ‘Boyfriend’

After teasing us with four 15-second promos, Justin Bieber”s “Boyfriend” video finally had its full premiere tonight.

It”s an ode to women and cars as Bieber throws a party on a concrete lot.  In a vintage car, he drives up and a crowd of fantastically beautiful and scantily clad girls show up, as well as some old-school hip-hop dancers.  He canoodles with his chosen pretty,  but not enough to make real-lie girlfriend Selena Gomez jealous.

We were a little confused in that the video seems to have two openings. There”s the whispered opening with much of the footage we”ve seen: the Michael Jackson-like image of Bieber silhouetted against the full moon and the speaker bouncing to the bass beat, as he whispers in a woman”s ear as two girls watch the action on their iPhone, but then that video abruptly ends and cuts to a new start of the song with opening credit and the whispering begins all over again with Bieber in a car headed to a party, where he connects with the woman whose ear he whispering sweet nothings into in the opening.

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Toward the end of the party, Bieber trades off strumming his acoustic guitar and singing the song on the hood of his car with a group dance (with Bieber in shiny gold sneakers) similar to Jackson”s “Thriller” dance, though not nearly as classic.

After all the teases, it”s a surprisingly mundane and predictable video, but we have no doubt that the Beliebers will keep it on repeat and meet Bieber”s goal of 5 million views within the first 24 hours.

What do you think?  If Justin Bieber wants to be my boyfriend, he’s going to have to impress me a little bit more than that.