Watch: Katy Perry spaces out in video for ‘E.T.’ with Kanye West

Katy Perry”s new video is out there. Literally. The sci-fi clip for “E.T.,” which premiered on MTV.com this morning features the pop princess in a variety of cosmic costumes floating through space, hovering above a post-apocalyptic planet, in search of her soul mate. This “California Gurl” is about as far from home as she can get.

It opens as the camera pans across a barren, bleak wasteland with one lone, hurt robot, whose love light is still on. Imagine  Wall-Eye. Then we flash to Kanye West rocketing through space in some self-contained zero gravity container that doesn”t allow its inhabitant to wear shirts. Next we have Perry, who”s traveling through the cosmos. She”s not in any kind of containment vessel because she clearly spent all of her budget on her whacked-costumes, Princess Leia hair and wild make-up.  How does she change up there in space?  She lands on the decimated planet, conveniently, right beside the robot who has clearly summoned her to him with his last ounce of strength.

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She has “alien sex” with the Wall-Eye creature–played out against stock footage of animals discreetly “probing” each other, as West puts it,  and Perry gently kissing the robot– and he turns into a beautiful man and she turns into, well, you”ll have to watch the video to see.

Man, this must have cost a pretty penny. Lots and lots, so we applaud that there”s not a product placement until the very end–and, quite frankly, we don”t even know what brand of sunglasses they”re shilling, so the placement is lost on us.  Floria Sigismondi directed the video, but it also has elements of Tarsem in terms of the vibrant color palate.

What do you think? Is it too “out there?”

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