Watch: Kesha gets it on with a toilet for ‘Dirty Picture’ with Taio Cruz

05.25.10 9 years ago 4 Comments

Nothing says romance like texting a dirty picture to your loved one. At least if you”re  Taio Cruz and Ke$ha. Why are we not surprised?

I doubt we”re going to remember either one of these creatures in five years, but for now, they”re captured pop airwaves:  Cruz with “Break Your Heart” and Ke$ha with “Tik Tok.”  So it seems only natural to have them come together for “Dirty Picture.” The song and video start off very sweet: Cruz is driving around, sounding a little like Seal, as he sings about missing his loved one. So he asks her to send a dirty picture to get the juices flowing while they”re apart.

What follows is Cruz posing with lots of different girls and girls posing for dirty pictures in the usual totally boring, stereotypical girl-on-girl action that men never, ever seem to tire of  and make women yawn.  Then we get Ke$ha in her irritating speaking/singing voice taking Cruz quite literally, posing in high heels and a cut-up-to-there mini in a filthy bathroom stall.

Lots of quick cuts and a torn t-shirts and skin on skin with many different chicks later,  Cruz reunites with his true love Ke$ha. In the meantime, she”s lounged on some sinks and had liquor poured over her. But since it”s all about missing the one you love, we”re really happy to see these two lovebirds connect in the end because they deserve each other. Snap away, dream babies.

What do you think of the new video? 

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