Watch: Madonna goes wild in ‘Girl Gone Wild’ video

Madonna wants to be good, but she just can’t make it happen. Temptation looms at every turn in the video for “Girl Gone Wild.” 

The video, which debuted on E! Television Tuesday night,  is one of her most stylized, which is saying a lot given her video canon. Shot in black and white, like “Justify My Love” and “Vogue,”  and featuring Madonna in chains, like in “Express Yourself,” it also shows her being fondled by a bevy of beautiful, pansexual, shirtless men. Who wants to even try to be good under such circumstances?

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Beautifully shot by fashion photographers Mert and Marcus, the clip is a luscious collection of erotic imagesL two men biting an apple together, backlit men dancing in high heels, and Madge, looking as if she’s a dewy 25-year old. Man, I’ll take some of that lighting please. She looks absolutely beautiful in the head shots here.

We’re not really sure what to make of the shots of Madonna posing in a room by herself going through contortions and yoga moves, unless it’s to show us that, at 53, she is in outrageously good shape. She and Bruce Springsteen could have a contest over which one of them is managing to stave off middle age better. Good God almighty, she is  incredibly fit and she is happy to reveal that.

“Girl Gone Wild” is the second single from “MDNA,” Madonna’s 12 studio album, which is out Monday.

What do you think of the video for “Girl Gone Wild?” 

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