Watch: Nostalgia in the photo booth for ‘American Reunion’ teaser

You have to hand it to the team behind this first teaser for “American Reunion,” the latest sequel to 1999’s “American Pie,” it’s perfect.

In a so-simple-it’s-genius concept, it evokes nostalgia for the original film, as well as the original films era, and piques the interest for the next movie.

It’s a series of photo-booth style pictures of the original gang including Jason Biggs, Alyson Hannigan, Sean William Scott, and even Dad Eugene Levy, accompanied by Matt Nathanson’s soulful cover of the song “Laid,” originally performed by the band James (making it even more nostalgic for those who know the original version from the early 90’s.)

Seeing the the original cast, all now well into adulthood, presented in such a way evokes our memories of the characters instead of the actual characters. Most likely we remember them fondly, as we do anything over ten years ago. So by letting the audience wax nostalgic, they’ve hooked them without showing anything from the film whatsoever.

It’s the definition of “Teaser.”

What I like the most about this is that it probably took less than half a day to shoot these photos, and they probably took care of publicity stills in the same session. I’m always a fan of efficiency in production.

Check out the teaser embedded below, are you excited to see Stifler, Oz, Jim and the gang back again? Or is this a series that should have been put to bed long ago? Are you nostalgic for 1999? Have you lost your virginity yet?

“American Reunion” opens Friday April 6th, 2012, click the event box to set a remingder