Watch: OMFG music video for Duck Sauce’s ‘Big Bad Wolf’

Full disclosure: I’d never heard of Duck Sauce before tonight. If you haven’t either, a little background: Duck Sauce is a DJ duo from New York City. Their real names are Armand Van Helden and A-Trak. A-Trak’s real name is Alain Macklovitch. 

Last year, Duck Sauce released a song called “Barbra Streisand”, which was named after singer Barbra Streisand, whom you’ve probably heard of. It was a big hit, eventually going to #1 on the Billboard Hot Dance Club Songs chart. It was also covered on an episode of “Glee”.

Duck Sauce’s latest single is called “Big Bad Wolf”, and they just released a music video for it. The music video is provocative in all the wrong ways. 

Allow me to lay down some ground rules: if you’re at work, don’t watch it. If you have children – particularly if said children are in the room with you currently – don’t watch it. If you love your mother, don’t watch it. If you get off on hairy naked guys and large women who have functioning human heads where their naughty parts should be, watch the hell out of it. And then watch it again for all I care. What you do on your own time is certainly none of my business.

I’m going to bed now.