Watch: Robert Pattinson attempts a non-‘Twilight’ hit with ‘Water for Elephants’

03.05.11 8 years ago 10 Comments

No one is going to discount that Robert Pattinson has acting talent.  Even with some weak direction so far in “The Twilight Saga” he’s shown signs he’s got range.  Pattinson had his moments — good and bad — in last year’s “Remember Me,” but the romantic drama was hardly the hit Summit Entertainment was hoping for.  Enter Pattinson’s latest endeavor, “Water for Elephants.”

Based on the popular Sara Gruen novel, “Elephants” has a number of things going for it that could make it a nice Spring hit for 20th Century Fox.  First off, Pattinson does have a fanbase that wants to who up to see him in the right romantic role.  Second, leading lady Reese Witherspoon has escaped the misguided and outdated romantic comedy stylings of James L. Brooks (see the already forgotten “How Do You Know” this past December) and, lastly, stylish director Francis Lawrence is coming off back to back hits with “Constantine” and “I Am Legend.”

Fox has released a new trailer for the drama which you can find embedded in this post.  The circus-themed period piece lands in theaters on April 22.  Will you be buying a ticket?  Share your thoughts below.

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