Watch: Seven new clips from Hugh Jackman sci-fi ‘Real Steel’

Dreamworks Pictures has released seven new clips from the upcoming sci-fi film “Real Steel”. Directed by Shawn Levy (“Night at the Museum”), the movie stars Hugh Jackman as Charlie, a down-on-his-luck former fighter who now works as a promoter for robot boxers, which in the near-future world of the film have replaced human fighters in the ring. Tasked with looking after his formerly-estranged young son Max (Dakota Goyo) for a couple of weeks, Charlie and the boy soon happen upon a junkyard bot that may prove to be the man’s ticket out of financial hardship.

The first clip, entitled “Rent Money”, has Charlie and ex-girlfriend Bailey (Evangeline Lilly) arguing about Charlie’s inability to pay the rent at her deceased father’s gym, which once served as the site of Charlie’s own training as a boxer before robots took over the sport.

“Is That Noisy Boy?” Find out in the following clip, which shows Jackman arriving at an underground fighting ring run by Finn (Anthony Mackie) to test his new ‘bot in the ring.

“We’ll Take Midas”, which immediately follows the last clip in the film, has Jackman betting $50,000 on a match between Noisy Boy and the “main event” – much to little Max’s chagrin.

“Midas vs. Noisy Boy” showcases the film’s spectacular motion-capture effects in depicting a fight between the two eponymous robots of the clip’s title.

“Junkyard” shows Charlie and Max arriving at the junkyard where they discover the film’s main robot, “Atom”. The clip provides a bit of backstory on the transition from human to robot boxers in the near-future world of the film.

In “Teaching Atom”, Jackman (who was trained for the film by former champion boxer Sugar Ray Leonard) gets to show off his boxing skills in a scene that has him training “Atom”, the robot he and Max discovered in the junkyard.

“Are You Ready” for this next clip, which depicts the tense lead-up to the film’s climactic match between Atom and world-champion Zeus? I thought so.

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