Watch: ‘SNL,’ ‘Daily Show’ cast cameo in New Pornographers’ ‘Moves’

The Beastie Boys recently had some famous friends star as the band itself in “Fight for Your Right Revisited”; now the New Pornographers have followed suit, in a vision of a biopic.

Paul Rudd with Bill Hader, John Oliver, John Hodgeman, Wyatt Cenac, Horatio Sanz, Todd Barry and numerous other comedians (plus Ted Leo in drag) all drop in for the music video.

The opening of the clip features those first two actors, in what clearly is definitely not a real film, but God knows it could be: “Expectant Dads” will send two zany dudes to Vegas — as they’re expecting their first babies. And, seriously, they made a website for the thing. Look.

Oh, but that’s not even the bulk of this monster. “Moves: The Rise and Rise of The New Pornographers” is the main attraction, a preview of an imaginary movie about the indie rock band. Who plays who? You’ll have to wait, but just know that a protest against Canadians, red-headed jokes, snorting coke off of a pizza and Brooklyn’s cement shithole Death By Audio are all included in this little adventure through the band’s fake past.

More info on the credits can be found on the Matador Records blog here.

“Moves” is cute and was culled from the rockers’ latest album “Together,” out now.