Watch: Taylor Swift and Zac Efron bust the cuteness meter on ‘Ellen’

Are Taylor Swift and Zac Efron the new She & Him?  Check out this adorable clip of the two on “The Ellen Degeneres Show,” as they play their own version of Foster The People”s  “Pumped Up Kicks.”

Efron and Swift both voiced characters in the animated feature, “The Lorax,” so they”re out and about making the promotional rounds. They have a comfortable ease around each other and their voices sound really good together. The guitar lesson part is adorable.

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There”s clearly nothing impromptu about it, even though they try to semi-pretend they”re making up the lyrics about being on “Ellen” as they go along.

Watch as DeGeneres keeps a smile plastered to her face as Efron and Swift sing about how “weird” it is to come on “Ellen.” It”s not the love letter she may have been expecting, although it”s clearly meant all in fun. 

If Efron”s smart, he”ll just stay friends with Swift so he can duet with her on the next album, as opposed to become a subject of her wrath. She”s already disclosed that the new set will focus on, what else, getting her heart shattered.