Watch: The Avett Brothers debut unplugged new song ‘Once and Future’

07.14.11 8 years ago

What would you do with a woman named Purpose? You’d make an extended metaphor, that’s what.

Immaculate Noise interviewees The Avett Brothers are all about making life lessons in their new song “The Once and Future Carpenter,” which they debuted on’s “Unplugged” series.

The band took the shape of a quintet and banged out this largely acoustic, somewhat country-tinged track; they’ve clearly been whacking away at it for some time, and Seth Avett thinks it’s representative of where each member’s at, in the wake of their recently won fame for Rick Rubin-produced album “I and Love and You.”

The track is “who we are and what we are” as opposed to merely “what we’ve been,” which, in the past, has been a bit more wily than this midtempo tune. I’m also a little biased, too, because the guitar just simply sounds off and off-tune, like it was run through the PA of that crappy bar in your neighborhood that you never go to.

Still, it bodes well for progress — the band sounds like it’s in its happy place, they look tight and passionate, and new music could very be on its way.


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