Watch: Stephen Moyer asks for patience about ‘True Blood’ season 5

Set in the post-cold war era, “The Double” features Richard Gere as a retired CIA agent who is called back to work when a politician is killed by the russian assassin, “Cassius,” long thought dead. He is teamed with a young FBI agent (Topher Grace) who is an expert on Cassius and they become friends as they pursue the deadly russian.


“True Blood” star Stephen Moyer plays the scar-faced assassin with the code named “Brutus” who was trained by Cassius, and caught by Gere’s agent. The actor is too young to have been an assassin in the 80’s, and I asked if perhaps he had been a teenage assassin. “The story doesn’t take place in any specific year, just after the cold war, so we did take some liberties, but yes, we did have that conversation.”


I had last interviewed Topher Grace for the movie “Take Me Home Tonight” which was a period comedy that took place in the mid 80’s I asked him if he thought there was something special about that period, and more specifically the cold war that attracts audiences. “I guess there is something nostalgic about the time,” said Grace.


Watch the complete interview embedded above. “The Double” is now playing


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