Watch: ‘Underworld’ co-stars Michael Ealy, Theo James and India Eisley talk whips, guns and temper tantrums

Ok, so I admit that the choice between being a lycan and being a vampire is sort of a no-brainer (who really wants to have hair sprouting all over their bodies and constantly run around on all fours, for starters?), but I nevertheless couldn’t resist posing the question to “Underworld: Awakening” co-stars Theo James and India Eisley when I sat down with them recently at the film’s Los Angeles press junket.

“Vampire,” said Eisley with zero hesitation.

“Yeah, you go through less t-shirts,” concurred James (who recently starred in the first season of the British supernatural series “Bedlam”).

“It’s cleaner,” continued Eisley. “And after experiencing the [lycan] fangs, I’d much prefer to have the dainty little vampire teeth.”

James and Eisley are both new to the long-running action/horror series, with James playing David, a vampire who rallies his fellow bloodsuckers into fighting back against the humans who have forced them underground, and Eisley portraying Eve, a lycan/vampire hybrid who is heralded as “the key to ending the war” that’s broken out between the humans and the supernaturals.

The two co-star, of course, alongside Kate Beckinsale – back for her first time in the franchise since “Underworld: Evolution” – as vampire assassin Selene, who near the beginning of the film is freed from her imprisonment in a cryogenic tomb after 12 years. Prior to getting the role, Eisley and her mother, British movie actress Olivia Hussey, actually ran into Beckinsale and series creator/producer Len Wiseman at a cafe. It was an unexpected run-in that must have left the young actress feeling pretty good about her chances of scoring the part.

“[Kate and I] had actually only met once prior to filming, before me even getting the job actually,” she explained. “It was after I had gone through this string of callbacks, and I walked into a coffee shop, and I came back to the table, and my mother said, ‘you’ll never believe who walked in with her husband and daughter – Kate Beckinsale!’ And so then Len Wiseman came over to the table and he just said, ‘did you recently audition for ‘Underworld’?’ And I said, ‘yeah I did.’ And he said, ‘yeah we just watched your tape, we loved it.’ And then a couple of weeks later, I got the offer.”

Also a newcomer to the franchise is actor Michael Ealy (“Takers”, “For Colored Girls”), who here plays the role of Detective Sebastian, a bona fide human in a franchise best known for its legions of fanged monsters. I asked him if he’d ever felt left out given that his character doesn’t really factor into the majority of the film’s go-for-broke action sequences.

“You know it’s interesting, when we were actually shooting, I was never shooting at the same time as some vampire/lycan battles were going on, so it was always separate,” he told me. “So I never really saw them fighting and felt like, ‘ah man, I wish I could do that!’ But when I saw the movie, yeah, when I saw the film, I was highly jealous. But I was also glad I had my guns, you know? It was the best I could do.”

He did, fortunately, get to do a bit of his own stunt driving in the film, though he confessed there was one bit the production wouldn’t allow him to take part in.

“There was one [stunt], a long 180 [degree turn], that they did not allow me to do,” he admitted.

I’m gonna say that was probably for the best.

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“Underworld: Awakening” hits theaters this Friday.