Watch: Will Farrell sings in Spanish in music video for ‘Casa de mi Padre’

Will Farrell, don”t give up your day job. In this Funny or Die clip, Farrell–as his character in “Casa de mi Padre”– laments that he knows nothing whether it is how birds fly, flowers grow or why men hate each other as he sings “Yo No Se.” 

As he sits around the campfire with his fellow rancheros and, conveniently enough, a trumpet, he realizes that the only thing he knows for certain is love.

We know that he”s a better comedian than singer (although his chops aren”t bad….). And his Spanish is pretty good. And that, as one of its founders, he can get a clip on Funny or Die anytime he wants to.

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If you want to hear real singing, check out Christina Aguilera singing the theme song to the movie.

“Casa de mi Padre,” which features Farrell acting in Spanish, is basically one long goof of a telenovela, from what we can tell.

The movie opens March 16.

What do you think of Farrell’s singing and his Spanish?