We have an Oscar Pool Champion

Predicting the Academy Awards is never easy and I just don’t say that because I personally had a horrible year.  Having only predicted 15 of the 24 categories correctly, I might need to be taken to the back of AMPAS headquarters and given a good scolding by Mr. Tom Hanks and possibly even Oprah.  That being said, our popular Awards Pool had some excellent players in its first year.

Six players scored 19 correct winners.  Two players scored 20 correct winners, but only one player – amazingly – scored 21 correct winners. 

(Cough, a number I have hit numerous times over the years, cough.)

James Chambliss of Destin, FL is this year’s champ.  The only categories he guessed incorrectly were Best Original Song (he went with “If I Rise” instead of “We Belong Together” from “Toy Story 3”), Best Cinematography (like many he thought Roger Deakins of “True Grit” was due) and Documentary Short (he selected “Killing in the Name” instead of “Strangers No More”).

Mr. Chambliss is now HitFix’s reigning Oscar pool champion. As king of our Oscar pool, Cambliss will get a brand new – new iPad (assuming that’s what Apple is announcing tomorrow morning.) Bask in the glow of Oscar prestige sir.

(If for any reason he doesn’t live up to his duties as champion, I’m taking that crown for myself thank you very much.)

How did you do on your own Oscar pools? Share your thoughts below.